Update to the Calendar | New Teas

We’ve updated our Calendar of Events for the month of March. Unfortunately (as well as fortunately), it’s been snowing like crazy this week, and we won’t make it to Cody tomorrow. Just unfortunately, we’ll be missing next week as well due to work conflicts. The Xochis is our full time passion, but not yet our full time job; we’re hoping, with y’all’s gracious support, to resolve that in the near future.

In other news, check out The Chill Pill and our Good Day Tea! Two very different vibes from two very unique blends. The Chill Pill, I think, smells like blueberries, and we have a cup of our Good Day Tea pretty much every morning now. Great stuff. See for yourself; they’re both available on our Etsy!

Thanks for checking in y’all


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