New Spring Teas!

Just updated the Tea section of our website. Got rid of some old blends and added a couple new ones.

Check out the Moon Rabbit, our first official Mugwort Tea! We like to describe this one as an ‘expert’ tea. With flavor unlike anything you’ve tasted before, this tea has a purpose: take it like a tonic before bed, and see how the Mugwort can affect your dreams. I will personally attest that I experience them more vividly with a dose of Mugwort every night, and I’m curious to see what y’all think.

We’ve also rolled out our new allergy season tea, MetaMorphosis. Jam-packed with all sorts of good stuff, keep those sneezes at bay with a periodic cup of this.

We had a great time this weekend at the Red Lodge Spring Market. We’ve got a few more Saturdays in Cody at our Winter location, but it looks like we’ll be in a spot close by for the Summer, and then the Red Lodge Summer Market starts in July! I’ll update the Calendar with some info once we get it.

Thanks for checking in y’all

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