Update to the Calendar, New Products, Excitement

Contrary to what was previously noted in our Calendar of Events, we will not this weekend be in Cody, WY on Saturday morning, but rather in Red Lodge, MT Friday and Saturday night. You can find us among other vendors at the OMsteading Yoga Studio (224 Broadway Ave S) starting around 5pm both nights. Christmas Stroll is a wonderful time to visit Red Lodge; definitely check out the snowplow parade on Friday. Stop by and get your stocking stuffers, y’all!

In that regard, we’ve updated our products page with a couple new teas: our seasonal winter mint tea, Mystical Mint,  and an old classic (my personal favorite), Old Growth Forest. Both fantastic for staving off pesky winter illnesses, and both, for the time being, market exclusive.

More products coming shortly, and more listings on Etsy likely after this weekend.

Hope to see y’all for the Stroll!

New Inventory Added!

Just updated our products page with a new Clay Mask, a new Smoking Blend, and three new Teas which make up our Tree of Life series. 

Earlier this fall, we had the privilege of spending some time in the Yucatán jungle. We stayed at Kíich Pam K’aáx, a self-sustaining farm and forest conservation and reconstruction sanctuary, a few miles outside the small town of Chunhuhub



We learned and experienced many things during our short stay there, and one thing that stood out in particular was the Yaxche (yash-chay), or Ceiba Tree. One of our gracious hosts, Margarita, explained to us a little lore surrounding the Yaxche:

Highly respected in Mayan culture, the Yaxche is often a cornerstone of any given meeting circle. Community meetings, not unlike a town hall of sorts, are run by the elders of the community. If a non-elder wants to speak, they must pass a test. Their back is pushed up against natural spines of the Ceiba Tree. If they are true in their intentions, the spines will not bother them. If malevolent in their intent however, they will experience pain unendurable. 

They say the roots of the Yaxche represent the Realm of the Earth, the womb of humanity. The trunk represents the Realm of Humanity, the world we have created amongst ourselves. The branches above represent the Realm of the Spirits, where our souls will ascend after death, where the souls of our ancestors reside.

The Ceiba Tree is simply the Mayan vessel for this widespread human symbol in mythology, and it was really neat to see it, and hear the myths behind it from someone who heard the same from her parents who heard the same from theirs and so on. It seems that the Tree of Life is an enduring artifact of human mysticism and wonder; many cultures have their own. We like trees, and the Yaxche helped inspire this particular line of teas. Check ’em out.

Updated the Calendar

Just posted our farmers’ market schedule through December 2018 to the Calendar. We’ll be in Red Lodge on 11/17 and 12/15, and in Cody most other Saturdays. This is, of course, assuming the roads don’t get snowed out. We’ll let you know as early as possible if this happens…


Welcome to Xochis Apothecary!

Hello! Thank you for visiting our new Website! This is our first post, and our first website. Here at Xochis Apothecary, we hold in high esteem the value of doing things ourselves. While we can’t dismiss all the help we get along the way (thanks, Noah), we press our own oils, forage as many of our own ingredients as possible, draw/design/print our own labels and logo, and made this website without any professional consult. That being said, please please feel free, or even some sense of obligation, to let us know how your experience here goes. This is definitely still a learning process for us. 

If you haven’t already noticed, you can’t actually buy anything on this website. Please find your way to our Etsy Shop (or our hometown, Red Lodge, MT) for these purposes. We’re still feeling our way through the murky waters of ecommerce; we plan on listing our products for sale on this website sometime in the future. In the meantime, browse what we have to offer, learn who we are and what we’re about, and stay up-to-date on what we’re doing and where you can find us.

This website is a constant work-in-progress, so check back often for new products, events, and general information.

Thanks Y’all!
Katy & Ian

P.S. Halloween also happens to be our rabbit’s birthday. Her name is Kraken Luisa. Use coupon code HAPPYBIRTHDAYKRAK3 for 20% off your total order in our Etsy Shop! (valid through 11/30/18)