We’re Back!

Short notice, but we’ll be at the Cody Farmers’ Market tomorrow morning with some awesome new wild-foraged and farm-sourced products! check the calendar for address/time/etc. Getting back into the swing of things, y’all

Bringing Everything up to Speed

Howdy Y’all,

As you may have noticed, we haven’t posted anything in a while, and our calendar remains vacant. Xochis Apothecary is undergoing a slight restructuring.

One of our main inspirations for starting Xochis in the first place was our interest in wild-foraged and farm-sourced herbs. We’ve decided to take a little break from the markets while we bolster our infrastructure in that department; this will allow us to process wild-foraged and farm-sourced ingredients in greater quantity.

While you may not find our booth at the markets for the next month or so, our Etsy Shop is still open and operational, and you can always contact us at xochis.apothecary@gmail.com for personal orders and inquiries.

We hate to slow down like this, but, at the same time, we’re excited for the future and the prospect of better connecting Red Lodge (and the world!) to the land we hold dear. We want to thank you for your continued support, and know that we’re still working hard to bring you unique products that highlight the magic we continue to find in our natural world. Thanks!



Update to the Calendar

Hey y’all, we’ve updated the calendar through May. Still in Cody every Saturday. Except for this week. We’ll be in Powell for the Home & Garden Expo! This is our first year doing this market, and it looks like it’ll be a great time.

As you have perhaps noticed, we’ve been pretty quiet lately on social media and the like. Even a little behind, one could say. There are big things in the works. Life changing. Both scary and exhilarating, and we couldn’t be more excited! More info on that in the weeks to come, but rest assured, Xochis Apothecary is taking a stride.

As always, thank you for embarking on this journey with us; we can’t wait to show you where it’s taking us next!

New Spring Teas!

Just updated the Tea section of our website. Got rid of some old blends and added a couple new ones.

Check out the Moon Rabbit, our first official Mugwort Tea! We like to describe this one as an ‘expert’ tea. With flavor unlike anything you’ve tasted before, this tea has a purpose: take it like a tonic before bed, and see how the Mugwort can affect your dreams. I will personally attest that I experience them more vividly with a dose of Mugwort every night, and I’m curious to see what y’all think.

We’ve also rolled out our new allergy season tea, MetaMorphosis. Jam-packed with all sorts of good stuff, keep those sneezes at bay with a periodic cup of this.

We had a great time this weekend at the Red Lodge Spring Market. We’ve got a few more Saturdays in Cody at our Winter location, but it looks like we’ll be in a spot close by for the Summer, and then the Red Lodge Summer Market starts in July! I’ll update the Calendar with some info once we get it.

Thanks for checking in y’all


We’ve update our Incense Section to reflect not only our new displays, but also our new scents! Handcrafting these Incense is a long multi-step/multi-week process of grinding up herbs, drying, soaking, baking, dusting, all sorts of things. We’re pretty proud of this latest batch. All available on our Etsy.

Update to the Calendar | New Teas

We’ve updated our Calendar of Events for the month of March. Unfortunately (as well as fortunately), it’s been snowing like crazy this week, and we won’t make it to Cody tomorrow. Just unfortunately, we’ll be missing next week as well due to work conflicts. The Xochis is our full time passion, but not yet our full time job; we’re hoping, with y’all’s gracious support, to resolve that in the near future.

In other news, check out The Chill Pill and our Good Day Tea! Two very different vibes from two very unique blends. The Chill Pill, I think, smells like blueberries, and we have a cup of our Good Day Tea pretty much every morning now. Great stuff. See for yourself; they’re both available on our Etsy!

Thanks for checking in y’all


Introducing: the Bohemian WaxWing

We were standing outside in our driveway, just watching the birds in the trees. The waxwings. They’ve been hanging around our house for a while, and for a small, but kind of chubby, flock bird, Bohemian Waxwings are pretty fascinating. The way they seem to communicate and play, darting branch to branch, tree to tree. We were transfixed, watching as each one found its spot, its particular place on any given tree limb. And they all settled in; and the sea of chirps reaching our ears became regular and rhythmic, almost groovy. And all at once, as if they were each a singular component of a collective nerve, they ceased their chirps and took flight. It was a surreal moment.

And thus, the Bohemian Waxwing was born. One of three teas (along with the Rip Van Winkler, and our Good Day Tea (more info on that soon)), this tea features one of our favorite herbs, St. John’s Wort. Perfect for finding your balance mid-day and taking charge of your afternoon, the Bohemian WaxWing is both delicious and effective. It’s up on our Etsy, so check it out!

In other, smaller development, news, we’ve updated some of our teas with a few more pictures. It’s supposed to snow this Saturday, but I think we’ll be able to make it to Cody anyways.

Exciting things in the works, so check back often!

Thanks y’all.

New Products! And some news.

We’ve updated our Products page with our brand new Herbal Incense category! Dipped in Raw Montana Honey and rolled in hand-ground herbs, resins, berries and more, we’re pretty proud of these, and they are up and available for purchase in or Etsy Shop.

We’ve also got a new batch of Elderberry Syrup up in our Syrup category! We just about depleted our stock of foraged berries from this Fall making this special edition batch, and we’re also pretty proud of it. Not available on Etsy, please contact us directly to purchase this product, or…

Check us out on the Rocky Fork Food Hub, where all of our Syrups are now available for purchase! Lot’s of other great local goodies from other producers on this platform as well.

In other news, it’s snowing in Red Lodge! A lot. Contrary to what the Calendar says, we will unfortunately not be making the drive down to Cody for the market this weekend, but you should totally still check it out if you have the chance.

Still in accordance with the calendar however, is the official Second Birthday of Xochis Apothecary. We will be celebrating by playing in the snow, but you can celebrate too by taking advantage of our 50% off sale on all Tea listed on our Etsy Shop! Use code SECONDBIRTHDAY at checkout (Valid all day January 26th).

That’s about it for now. Thank you for your continued support and for checking in!

Best, Xochis

Update to the Calendar

Updated the Calendar of Events through February. We’ll be skipping the Cody market this weekend, however we’re gearing up to celebrate the second birthday of Xochis Apothecary on Saturday the 26th! We’ll be at the market having a great time. We are also going to go ahead and celebrate the recent launch of this website and our Etsy Shop, so we’ll be throwing a half-off sale on all tea, exclusive to online orders. Thank y’all for your continued support. Lots of exciting things going on; check out our Instagram