About Us

Xochis (Show-Cheese) Apothecary was found in January 2017 by (then engaged-now married) Katherine Sparks and Ian Kuzmik. That’s us.  We started this company for a whole bunch of reasons, but the main one relates to a dream we share: a life of self-sufficiency.

Our Story

The advent of Xochis Apothecary can be traced back to the original union of Katy Sparks and Ian Kuzmik (us again). We met while studying in New Orleans. After college, we found ourselves in Baja California, Mexico, volunteering on an isolated, haphazard goat dairy out in the country. Food was often scarce, and we quickly learned to appreciate the natural resources around us. Even under the blistering (literally…) desert sun, our landscape was rich with life, much more than we ever managed to recognize. From nopales to pitaya to berros, wild-foraged ingredients were a steadfast staple in our diet.

Every now and then, we’d hitch a ride to a gas station 30 or so miles away, and share a cold 40oz Pacifico. These were lovely days, but, alas, those 40’s chipped away at our savings. We eventually ran out of money, and made our way back to Nola. Our time there was occupied mostly with work in the service industry, immersing ourselves in the rich and competitive culture of cooking that permeates the city, and the fine nuances of good ol’ fashioned Southern hospitality. We tuned many skills, learned a whole lot, and found ourselves completely unsatisfied by the apparent rat race in which we were engaging. We yearned for the feeling of freedom we felt on the ranch, far away from any corporate influence, for the waning privilege of setting our feet on natural ground that wasn’t put there by a bulldozer. We wanted out.

After a year, we escaped towards the mountains, up to Red Lodge, Montana, in attempt to get away from the bustle of city life. We were excited to experience the acclaimed natural world of the Rocky Mountains, so different than what we were used to, but we could have never imagined how much the wilderness would have to offer.

We harkened back to our first time in Mexico, and set out on a mission to utilize the abundant natural resources around us. Thus, Xochis Apothecary was founded, an exploration into dormant potential ever-present in our life, and the first step towards our greater goal. A dream, a hobby, a learning experience, a business, manifest in one identity, Xochis Apothecary is both for fun and for profit, and especially for experience. We are always learning and experimenting here; we hope y’all join us!